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Equine end of life services

Dedicated equine collection, cremation and euthanasia service

Dedicated equine collection, cremation service covering the north west of England. We are a small family run business and any collections that we make are always handled by one of our own family members.

As longstanding horse owners we understand the heartache of having to say farewell to your equine companion.

We offer a full range of services, individual cremation, individual cremation with wooden casket and simple disposal. Please see our services page for details.

Please Don’t Weep.

Please don’t weep, just let me go,
My caring master, my best friend.
You’ve done your best, I could ask no more,
But now’s the time my life must end.
Listen not I say to idle gossip,
They all know best, such woeful chatter.
Solutions galore, opinions are cheap,
Think only of me, nothing else should matter.

Please don’t weep, but see this through,
The time is right, everyone’s here.
Remember the fun, the gallops and jumps,
You’ve schooled me well, I’ll show no fear.
It’s over now and my pain has gone,
I was shown compassion, there was courtesy too.
Only my body with care was taken,
My soul and memories I’ve left here for you.

Please don’t weep as I leave by the gate,
I’m with you forever, midst that lock of my mane,
We are but a speck, on the mural of life,
Nature dictates that we are both but mundane.
Once over your grief you must care for another,
Tack up, ride out and make a new start.
You shake your head but I can see there within,
Where the love of the horse is etched on your heart.

Joe 2014

Covering Lancashire, Greater Manchester and throughout the north west.